Learn more about how OLÉ fights to enrich and empower New Mexico’s working families.

We are a non-profit, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico. Our members and staff work together to strengthen our communities through social advocacy and economic reform, using issue-based campaigns and electoral engagement to ensure that working families are playing a critical role in shaping New Mexico’s future with a united voice.

Issues we are currently working on:


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bulletpoint 43% of workers in Albuquerque do not have access to earned sick days.

bulletpointdk 43% de los trabajadores de Albuquerque no tienen acceso a días pagados
por enfermedad.

bulletpoint Without earned paid sick days, workers are forced to choose between getting well or going to work sick and losing critical wages, or even their job.

bulletpointdk Sin acceso a días pagados por enfermedad los trabajadores se ven forzados a escoger, el trabajar enfermos, perder ingresos por su día de trabajo o peor aun perder su empleo por faltar.  Una quinta parte de las enfermedades relacionadas con los alimentos son producto de contaminación atreves de un trabajador enfermo.

bulletpoint 1/5 of food-related illnesses are caused by an ill server or food handler.


bulletpoint Workers in businesses with less than 40 employees can earn up to 40 hours of paid sick days.

bulletpointdk Los negocios con menos que 40 empleados Los trabajadores pueden acumular hasta 40 horas de días de enfermedad pagados.

bulletpoint Workers in businesses with more than 40 employees can earn up to 56 hours of paid sick days.

bulletpointdk Los negocios con mas que 40 empleados Los trabajadores pueden acumular hasta 56 horas de días de enfermedad pagados.

bulletpoint Earned paid sick days would allow Albuquerque’s workforce to care for themselves and their loved ones, as well as allowing survivors of domestic violence to get medical help, find safe housing for their families or report the abuse.

bulletpointdk Días pagados por enfermedad permitiría que los trabajadores de Albuquerque cuidaran de su salud y la de sus seres queridos, también permitiría que sobrevivientes de violencia domestica tomaran el tiempo necesario para recibir atención medica, encontrar alojamiento y reportar el abuso sintiéndose seguras/os.

bulletpoint 1 in 3 women in New Mexico has experienced domestic violence.

bulletpointdk 1 de cada 3 mujeres en Nuevo México ha vivido Violencia Domestica.

bulletpoint Healthy Workforce ABQ would help survivors and their families
escape violent situations without losing a day’s pay.

bulletpointdk La campaña Trabajadores Saludables ABQ ayudaría a mujeres y niños en situaciones vulnerables a escapar de relaciones Violentas sin perder su empleo o ingreso de su día de trabajo.

bulletpoint Healthy Workforce ABQ would benefit over 110,000 workers in Albuquerque.

bulletpointdk La campaña Trabajadores Saludables ABQ beneficiaria mas de 110,000 trabajadores en la ciudad de Albuquerque.

bulletpoint Healthy Workforce ABQ will help hardworking families build more financially
secure lives and help businesses thrive.

bulletpointdk La campaña Trabajadores Saludables facilitara que nuestras familias trabajadoras construyan una vida saludable con mas estabilidad económica y ayudara a que los negocios prosperen.


To join this campaign, please contact: organize@olenm.org
Visit healthyworkforceabq.org for more information.


Every day OLÉ fights to help New Mexico’s workers win respect, living wages, benefits, and enforcement of worker protections.  Workers are routinely robbed of the wages they have already earned, particularly in Albuquerque, where the Berry Administration has refused to enforce the Albuquerque Minimum Wage Ordinance that OLÉ led the campaign to pass with 66% voter approval in 2012 .  That law will give minimum wage workers a raise each and every year, but OLÉ continues to organize workers to fight employers that continue to break the law and underpay their workers.

OLÉ is also working with employees of Walmart to win greater respect and a voice in improving the working environment at Walmart stores.  The effort is part of the national Our Walmart movement.

minimum wage workers

OLÉ also collaborates with the National Domestic Care Alliance to organize domestic workers in New Mexico.  Partnering locally with Encuentro and El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, OLÉ is working with home healthcare providers, housekeepers, and all other types of domestic workers to address the lack of worker protections, such as the exemption in the New Mexico minimum wage statute that doesn’t cover housekeepers.  Home care givers are a growing sector of workers doing increasingly critical work to care for our families, but they receive little training to develop their skills or adequate compensation to allow them to provide for their own families while they care for ours.


The Working Parents Association was started by New Mexico parents to build a united voice for working families who want to improve access to to quality affordable childhood and k-12 education because:

Providing a high-quality early education is the best way to make sure that New Mexico’s children succeed in school and throughout their lifetimes.

nm kids nmpol

In order to work or go to school, parents need safe affordable childcare for their children.

Investing in our kids early years will lead to better outcomes for families and
communities statewide

Visit our most current campaign page by clicking HERE.

However, since 2010 the state has slashed family eligibility for subsidized childcare and early education from 200 percent to 100 percent of the federal poverty level. Now thousands of parents are unable to afford safe child care and quality early education. Some parents have given up work. Others are making do with inferior child care that neither educates their children nor provides them with the safe environment that a licensed provider does.

Land Grant Permanent Fund NM

The solution to this problem lies in the Land Grant Permanent Fund. New Mexico has the second largest fund of it’s kind in the nation with $11.5 billion for education. As part of Invest in kids now! We are fighting to pass a constitutional amendment that would use a small percent of the fund for early childhood education. In 2012 we came within one vote of passing the amendment through the legislature. Our members continue to work on this issue and with your help it could pass this year.

Members help by:
– Engaging other parents, family members and community members to fight for quality childcare
– Participating in meetings and events
– Asking your childcare center to support our fight
– Hosting a planning meeting for parents
– Attending meetings with your legislator
– Talking to the press about issues around childcare


OLÉ’s Citizenship Program helps legal residents through every step of the naturalization process — filling out applications and teaching citizenship and ESL classes.

may day parade immigration reform

Citizenship is a path to individual, family, and community strength. In comparison with other immigrants who have not naturalized, new citizens reach many new heights of success. On average, naturalized citizens attain higher education, make more money for their families, and engage in their communities at greater levels.

We assist residents in completing their N-400 naturalization application, offer four weekly citizenship classes to prepare people for their interview and exam, and help them understand how to navigate the USCIS system in order to track their cases.
The naturalization rate of immigrants who have completed our citizenship classes has been over 95%, historically. (Each naturalization case is different, however, and the past success of OLÉ citizenship students should not be taken as an indication of the likelihood of any applicant’s success in the naturalization process.)
Once our members become citizens, we help them register to vote and become active new participants in our democracy.

The class schedule for Citizenship & ESL classes are as follows:

Tuesday: 10:30-12:00
Wednesday: 10:30-12:00, 6:00-7:30
Thursday 6:00-7:30

For more information, please contact OLÉ!


Water is a precious resource in New Mexico, and conserving and protecting it is everyone’s job. OLÉ focuses conservation efforts on water – from protecting ground water supplies to preserving the Rio Grande River, OLÉ is committed to forming partnerships and membership that recognizes the importance of community efforts in conservation.

dia de los muertos parade

Conservation efforts affect all New Mexicans, including those in an urban setting like Albuquerque.  OLÉ approaches conservation issues by also looking at issues that intersect with healthy land, air and water: health, wages, education and worker injustice.  Conservation is part of creating a healthy community and examining the intersections between issues affecting our community only strengthens our conservation efforts.

Incorporating story-telling workshops, as well as encouraging members to engage in civic activities (such as visiting the state capitol during legislative sessions or local council meetings) help OLÉ build a conservation movement that reflects the unique needs of Albuquerque and New Mexico.


Executive Director: Matthew Henderson
Deputy Director: Andrea Serrano
President of the OLÉ Education Fund: Mark Frederick

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