Democracy Reform

Inclusive Democracy

Centering communities of color in democracy reform is a way in which OLÉ is working toward creating a truly inclusive democracy. Policy change, electing leaders who represent our communities and taking big money out of politics are ways in which communities become engaged in the political process at every level. In an era where voting rights are being stripped away and voter turnout among people of color is alarmingly low, OLÉ engages members, community and ally organizations in order to create independent political power rooted in racial, gender and economic justice. OLÉ also engages with policy makers, testifying at the state legislature, city council and county commission.  Rather than view civic engagement as a spectator sport, members play a vital role in creating a local government that serves the community rather than allowing big money to shape policy.

Inclusive Democracy NM

Election Resources

Voting is a vital tool for protecting our democracy and creating change in our state. This page has important information about voting in New Mexico. This page has links to help you get the voting information you’re looking for.

The next election that will happen is: 2021 Dates TBA
Important dates to remember: Election Day November 2, 2021
Deadline for voter registration by mail/online: 2021 Dates TBA
Early voting begins: 2021 Dates TBA
Last day to early vote: 2021 Dates TBA

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