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LEGISLATIVE SESSION 2015 IS NIGH (Starts January 20, 2015)
This year’s Legislative session will last 60 days.  So we have even more time
to speak with your Legislators. You must remember that these people represent you and it is every person’s job to remind their representatives and hold them accountable for their actions. Join us today, and we can help build a better tomorrow.

The Legislative session can become very busy and often rushed at times. Sign up for our text message update service so we can let you know when we plan to group together, drive up to Santa Fe and let your Legislators know how you feel about the issues that matter most to you.

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Thousands Gather at NM Capitol for Kids.

Thousands Gather at NM Capitol in Support for Kids — NMleg14

If you would like to help OLÉ lobby at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe please fill out this form so we are able to contact you and create a plan of action together. Thank you.



CYFDcommitsFraudflyergraphicCYFD refused to give Cynthia the study time that she needs to keep up with her schoolwork. Cynthia is working hard as a substitute teacher to provide for her family while she works toward her degree at CNM. CYFD regulations say that college students should have child care for the hours that they need to study, but CYFD tells Cynthia that she can’t have them. CYFD is violating its own regs, defrauding Cynthia of the child care hours she’s entitled to.




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Thanks & Spanks NMleg 2014

Early Childhood Education
Since the Early Education Constitutional Amendment was first proposed 3 years ago, hundreds of child development centers have closed, CYFD now serves 8,000 fewer children, hundreds of early educators have left their profession, unable to survive on minimum wage. New Mexico fell to 50th in child welfare, yet no legislator has proposed an alternative to the Constitutional Amendment that would address these growing problems. The following Senators, who voted to table the Constitutional Amendment, SJR 12, deserve a special phone call or email, so they understand how disappointed we are in their lack of concern about New Mexico’s child welfare crisis.

John Arthur Smith, (575) 546-8546, john.smith@nmlegis.gov
Carlos Cisneros, (505) 670-5610, carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov
George Munoz, (505) 722-0191, munozgoe@gmail.com
Pete Campos, (505) 425-0508, pete.campos@nmlegis.gov
Sue Wilson Beffort, (505) 292-7116, sue.beffort@nmlegis.gov
William Burt, (575) 434-6140, bill.burt@nmlegis.gov
Carroll Leavell, (575) 395-3154, leavell4@leaco.net
Steven Neville, (505) 327-5460, steven.neville@nmlegis.gov

The two Senators on the Senate Finance Committee who voted in support of early education programs deserve a call or message, thanking them for championing the Early Ed Constitutional Amendment.

Nancy Rodriguez: (505) 983-8913, nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov
Howie Morales: (575) 574-0043, hem260@gmail.com

Minimum Wage
The minimum wage constitutional amendment passed the Senate but failed yesterday in the House. Our list of shame for those who voted against the increase or walked away without voting include:

Representative Sandra Jeff, (505) 786-4994, sandra.jeff@nmlegis.gov
Representative Dona Irwin, (575) 546-9376, donagale@zianet.com
Senator John Arthur Smith, (575) 546-8546, john.smith@nmlegis.gov

Please call them or drop them a line to tell them they should be ashamed of depriving 91,000 of New Mexico’s hardest-working families a fair wage.

And please call Senator Clamente Sanchez, who in spite of his commitment to vote against the minimum wage, listened to his constituents and voted for it:
(505) 287-2515, clamente.sanchez@nmlegis.gov


These are the bills we fought for with this past Legislative Session



  • Senate Joint Resolution 13(SJR 13) – Constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage throughout the state of New Mexico.




  • Senate Joint Resolution 12(SJR 12) – Constitutional amendment to draw funds from the Land Grant Permanent Fund to help fund early childhood education programs throughout the state of New Mexico.





  • House Bill 127(HB 127) – This bill would create a two-tiered driver’s license system



Here are a few videos of the days of actions that took place during the second week of the session. In these videos you will witness OLÉ members speak to different Legislators on the listed above issues.

Minimum wage ^^^            Early Education ^^^          Driver’s Licenses ^^^




OUR Walmart Halloween Parade
October 31, 2013


Million Dollar Bake Sale – Governor Martinez returns $6.7 Million While Kids Struggle
October 3, 2013


New Mexico Now Named 50 in Child Welfare
July 18, 2013

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