OLÉ’s Childcare Work

OLÉ’s Childcare Work

OLÉ members have been working to expand access to early education for every child in New Mexico for as long as OLÉ has been a nonprofit organization–which was in 2009.

The Working Parents Association(WPA) was started by New Mexico parents to build a united voice for working families who want to improve access to to quality affordable childhood and K-12 education because:

Providing a high-quality early education is the best way to make sure that New Mexico’s children succeed in school and throughout their lifetimes.

In order to work or go to school, parents need safe affordable childcare for their children.

Investing in our kids early years will lead to better outcomes for families and
communities statewide.

However, since 2010 the state has slashed family eligibility for subsidized childcare and early education from 200 percent to 100 percent of the federal poverty level. Now thousands of parents are unable to afford safe child care and quality early education. Some parents have given up work. Others are making do with inferior child care that neither educates their children nor provides them with the safe environment that a licensed provider does.