I PLEDGE TO VOTE! Me Comprometo a Votar!


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We must take a stand and send a clear message: we will not allow our democracy to be silenced by fear.

This election is important from local races to the national level. The candidates we put in office will have a huge impact on our lives, including the lives of those who are unable to vote.


• to keep DACA, enact DAPA, pass comprehensive Immigration reform and end family separation, detention and raids.
• to protect sacred Indigenous land, honor the treaties and ensure the sovereignty of Indigenous tribes.
• to end violence against women, children and LGBTQ communities.
• to end police brutality and criminalization of People of Color.
• for clean air, water and land.
• for worker rights, including paid sick leave.
• to ensure that every woman has access to reproductive healthcare.
• for our future by ensuring that every child has access to early childhood education.

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