About OLÉ New Mexico

We are a non-profit, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico. Our members and staff work together to strengthen our communities through social advocacy and economic reform, using issue-based campaigns and electoral engagement to ensure that working families are playing a critical role in shaping New Mexico’s future with a united voice.

Childcare for All Petition

Childcare for All Petition

Sign our petition today to hold our state government accountable and ensure families don’t have to make the choice for paying for childcare or putting food on the table.

OLÉ’s Childcare Work

OLÉ’s Childcare Work

OLÉ members have been working to expand access to early education for every child in New Mexico for as long as OLÉ has been a nonprofit organization–which was in 2009.

The Working Parents Association(WPA) was started by New Mexico parents to build a united voice for working families who want to improve access to to quality affordable childhood and K-12 education because:

Providing a high-quality early education is the best way to make sure that New Mexico’s children succeed in school and throughout their lifetimes.

In order to work or go to school, parents need safe affordable childcare for their children.

Investing in our kids early years will lead to better outcomes for families and
communities statewide.

However, since 2010 the state has slashed family eligibility for subsidized childcare and early education from 200 percent to 100 percent of the federal poverty level. Now thousands of parents are unable to afford safe child care and quality early education. Some parents have given up work. Others are making do with inferior child care that neither educates their children nor provides them with the safe environment that a licensed provider does.

Childcare FAQs

Childcare FAQs

NM PreK:




CYFD rules and regulations:


FOCUS on Young Children’s Learning (Tiered Quality Rating Improvement System):




Finding a childcare center:



Child care assistance:




Home visiting:



Other resources:



Becoming a childcare provider in NM:


Parent Bill of Rights/Carta de Derechos de Padres

Carta de derechos de Padres en español lee abajo.

Right to Appeal

When you are denied by CYFD, you have the right to appeal your case worker’s determination. Ask your case worker to deny your eligibility in writing. You then must make your request in writing for a hearing to appeal your case. You have the right for your benefits to continue during the appeal process, but if you lose your appeal, you must reimburse CYFD. (

Study and Commute Time
Your contract should include enough time to get to and from work or school from your child’s center. If you are a student you should also receive enough time to study, complete projects, and use the library. Contracts should include time for online line courses as well as those on campus. (

30 Days to Look for Work

If you lose your job, inform your caseworker and you should receive a 30 day contract to look for work. When you graduate you should also have 30 days to look for work. ( B)

At least 12 Months or Full Semester Contracts

Contracts should be at least 12 months for parents who are employed or should cover the length of the semester for parents who are in school. (

Exemption From Applying for Child Support

If you have a good reason for not wanting to file for child support you can request a good cause exemption. Examples of good cause include: having an informal arrangement with the non-custodial parent to provide for the child, fear of harm or violence from the other parent, or unknown identity of other parent. ( H)

Unpaid Child Support Does Not Count Towards Income

Only money that you have actually received should be counted towards your qualifying income. If you have a custody agreement or court order for child support but do not receive that money it should not be included in calculating your income. ( E)

Usted Tiene el Derecho a Recibir Servicios en Español

Esto significa que tiene derecho a un intérprete cada vez que usted habla con un trabajador que no habla su idioma.


Call the OLÉ Working Parents Hotline: 505-796-6544

Derecho de Apelación

Cuando usted a sido negando por CYFD, usted tiene el derecho de apelar la determinación de su trabajador social. Pregúntele a su trabajador social de negar su elegibilidad por escrito. Entonces apelar su caso al supervisor de su trabajador social, y solicitar la recepción por escrito de su apelación. (

Tiempo de estudio y transportación

Su contrato debe incluir suficiente tiempo para ir y volver del trabajo o la escuela del centro de su hijo. Si usted es un estudiante también debe recibir suficiente tiempo para estudiar, para completar proyectos, y el uso de la biblioteca. Los contratos deben incluir tiempo para cursos en línea de internet, así como los que en el campus. (

30 Días para buscar trabajo

Si usted pierde su trabajo, informe a su trabajador social y usted debe de recibir un contrato de 30 días para buscar trabajo. Cuando te gradúes también debe tener 30 días para buscar trabajo (  B)

Por lo menos 12 meses o Contratos completo Semestre

Los contratos deben ser de al menos 12 meses para los padres que trabajan o que debe cubrir la longitud del semestre para los padres que están en la escuela. (

Exención de aplicar para la Manutención de Niños

Si usted tiene una buena razón para no querer solicitar la manutención del niño, usted puede solicitar una exención de buena causa. Ejemplos de buena causa incluyen: tener un acuerdo informal con el padre sin custodia para proveer para el niño, el miedo al daño o violencia del otro  padre, o identidad desconocida del otro padre. ( H)

Usted Tiene el Derecho a Recibir Servicios en Español

Esto significa que tiene derecho a un intérprete cada vez que usted habla con un trabajador que no habla su idioma.

Manutención de Menores que no es pagada no cuenta como ingreso

Sólo el dinero que en realidad se ha recibido se debe contar hacia su ingreso calificado. Si usted tiene un acuerdo de custodia u orden judicial de manutención infantil, pero no recibe ese dinero no se debe incluir en el cálculo como ingreso. ( E)


Llame a La Asociación de padres trabajadores de OLÉ Linea Directa: 505-796-6544

Make Early Ed a Priority

Sign our petition today if you think candidates running for Governor should make increased funding for early childhood programs a priority!