About OLÉ New Mexico

We are a non-profit, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico. Our members and staff work together to strengthen our communities through social advocacy and economic reform, using issue-based campaigns and electoral engagement to ensure that working families are playing a critical role in shaping New Mexico’s future with a united voice.

PETITION: Paid Sick Leave for All!

Everybody gets sick! Can you stand behind a paid sick days ordinance that only covers 6% of Albuquerque workers? We want our city council to support an ordinance that is fair to everyone.

We need to hold the City Council accountable and make sure they pass a paid sick leave bill that will benefit ALL of Albuquerque.

Sign our petition today to support a paid sick days ordinance that covers 100% of Albuquerque workers.




¡No eres el único! Muchos padres se ven obligados a pagar más de lo que pueden pagar por sus copagos de cuidado de niños o no reciben ningún tipo de contrato porque CYFD está cometiendo errores y distribuyendo información errónea.

Firma nuestra petición hoy para ayudar a evitar que CYFD cometa errores en los contratos de cuidado infantil y rechazando a los padres que merecen esta oportunidad para mejorar las vidas de sus familias.


CYFD Problems?



You’re not the only one! Many parents are denied childcare contracts because they make too much money and fall between the 150-200% Federal Poverty Line.

CYFD is making mistakes and handing out misinformation and this needs to stop!

Sign our petition today to help stop CYFD from making mistakes on childcare contracts and turning away parents who deserve this opportunity to better their families’ lives.



OLÉ Members who are permanent residents and ready to apply for citizenship have access to assistance in completing their application,
access to a lawyer who reviews all the paperwork
and classes to prepare for their exam.

Contact Form for Early Education

OLÉ believes that new early education resources can expand access but also increase wages, compensation, and develop a career ladder that would keep good teachers in the early education profession.

Fill out the form below and an organizer will be in contact with you soon.

Help Lobby Issues That Matter

Fill out this form if you wish to join OLÉ as they head up to Santa Fe.

  • Please fill out your zip code so we can help connect you with the Lawmaker who represents where you live.

I PLEDGE TO VOTE! Me Comprometo a Votar!


Click Image to View Early Voting Locations

We must take a stand and send a clear message: we will not allow our democracy to be silenced by fear.

This election is important from local races to the national level. The candidates we put in office will have a huge impact on our lives, including the lives of those who are unable to vote.


• to keep DACA, enact DAPA, pass comprehensive Immigration reform and end family separation, detention and raids.
• to protect sacred Indigenous land, honor the treaties and ensure the sovereignty of Indigenous tribes.
• to end violence against women, children and LGBTQ communities.
• to end police brutality and criminalization of People of Color.
• for clean air, water and land.
• for worker rights, including paid sick leave.
• to ensure that every woman has access to reproductive healthcare.
• for our future by ensuring that every child has access to early childhood education.

Sign the pledge today!

Fair Workweek Victories!

Fair Workweek Victories!

Many of you follow OLÉ’s campaign to win earned sick days and predictable scheduling for everyone in Albuquerque. Last week, yet another retailer, the Gap, announced that they are responding to the Fair Workweek movement by ending on-call shifts.

Congratulations to everyone who works at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy!

Meanwhile, the national press continues to follow our Fair Workweek campaign in Albuquerque. The New York Times  featured our leader, Kris Buchmann, in a story about how predictable scheduling has a critical impact on early childhood development. There is a clear connection between our Fair Workweek campaign and our fight to make high-quality preschool education something that every child in New Mexico has access to.

Advocates Keep Fighting for Workweek Fairness — Next City
The Perils of Ever-Changing Work Schedules Extend to Children’s Well-Being — New York Times

I think we are onto something. OLÉ and its friends are now setting our sites on Starbucks, asking them to join the Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria’s Secret is announcing an end to on-call shifts.

If you or someone you know works at Starbucks and wants to learn more about this effort,
please contact us at organize@olenm.org.